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Medicare clinics are one of the first and leading specialized psychiatric clinics in the Kingdom. Medicare clinics were established in 1998 and receive all cases of mental disorders, behavioral problems and cases of addiction.

Medicare clinics are one of the largest providers of psychiatric medical care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Arab world.

Clinics are interested in diagnosing and treating psychological, social, behavioral and family diseases for all ages, bearing in mind that the mental patient needs different care from the physical patient, so Medicare clinics seek to help the individual to improve and raise the quality of his life to live a normal life free from diseases and mental disorders and he must invest his energies to the maximum and train him On personal and social skills to achieve psychological integration.

Medicare clinics have a selection of the best consultants and psychologists and social workers in the Kingdom, where everyone works with care, attention and boundless passion.

The number of Medicare clinic visitors reached 96000, their cases vary according to the services provided by the clinics, with an increase from 400 to 600 new cases per month.

Medicare clinics provide home visits service for those whose circumstances do not allow them to come to the clinics because they are outside Riyadh or it is impossible for them to appear outside the home due to stressful mental illness such as: yard phobia or social shyness

Medicare clinics services for children aim to create a conscious generation of children and qualify children to deal with society by discovering their abilities and capabilities and investing them properly.

Medicare clinics contain the EEG device, which is the latest in technology, as the device tests the EEG in the long term, and the device has a high-resolution camera equipped with a night imaging feature, and the device is produced by the German company Sigma specialized in the production of EEG devices.

Because there are many auditors from outside Riyadh, or their times do not allow them to attend clinics, so the phone sessions section was used to take place with qualified doctors and psychologists to receive calls from auditors, while ensuring complete confidentiality of personal information.

Medicare clinics contain magnetic stimulation therapy through the TMA device, a device that treats depression by magnetic stimulation without drug or surgical treatments, without affecting brain functions and without anesthesia.

The device is free of side effects that the patient suffers from from medications, and it is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and Saudi Arabia for the treatment of depression.

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