When compiling this list of the best dental clinics, several criteria were relied upon, the most important of which are patient evaluation, number of clinic visitors, number of evaluations, clinic history and reputation, doctor's experience, the number of operations they performed, and the percentage of satisfaction with these operations.

The information about the best clinics in this list was obtained by searching various websites on the Internet, evaluating some of the patients who deal with those clinics, and relying on some of the information provided by Google.

Loran Dental clinics

Loran Clinics, is an extension of the clinics of Dr. Abdullah Al Yahya, the former Dean of the College of Dentistry at King Saud University and a graduate of the University of Minnesota in the United States of America, which was founded in the year 1413 AH - 1993 AD, which means that the experience in the field of dentistry in Loran clinics has exceeded 27 general.

Loran clinics have all dental specialties in all its branches, and Loran clinics provide all dental services by using the latest advanced systems in the fields of dentistry.

Orthodontics Department: The Orthodontics Department is characterized by redrawing your smile, by using the latest technologies in studying and diagnosing the case through a committee of elite doctors with more than 25 years of experience in the field of dentistry, in addition to discussing the treatment plan with all specialized dental departments to obtain The best orthodontic treatment plan.

Dental Surgery Department: This department relies on performing surgical procedures such as extraction of teeth and wisdom molars, in addition to dealing with oral problems that require surgical intervention.

Dental implants: The department performs dental implants, which is the ideal way to replace missing teeth. Where implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone to secure the artificial teeth to it.

Treatments provided by the department in Loran Clinics:

  • Dental implants using international types and excellent quality

  • Bone grafting “Bone grafting”.

Endodontics: The Endodontics Department helps you maintain your natural teeth and continue eating your favorite foods. Most teeth that are rooted well and perfectly can last for long periods and years.

Treatments provided by the Department of Endodontics:

  • Root canal treatment of front teeth

  • Root canal treatment for posterior molars

Dental implants and replacements: The Prosthodontics department specializes in restoring and replacing missing or incorrect teeth, with the aim of obtaining a beautiful, healthy smile and teeth.

Types of implants that we offer in Loran Clinics:

  • Veneer is a “ceramic layer” or what is known as a Hollywood smile.

  • Crowns

  • Bridges.

  • Direct optical fillings or what is known as a Bollywood smile.

  • Partial and complete sets.

Pediatric dental treatment: When it comes to the health of children's teeth, it must be done early under the hands of expert doctors and specialists in the treatment of children's teeth. Our goal at Laurent Clinics is to keep your child's teeth healthy and free from cavities and other dental diseases.

Treatments offered by the Department of Pediatric Dentistry:

  • Initial and final assessment of the child's teeth and gums.

  • Fluoride therapy.

  • Filling cracks in the enamel layer.

  • Treating tooth decay.

  • Treatment of dental injuries.

  • Treating children's dental emergency medical cases.

  • Provide advice about oral health.

  • Treating people with special needs.

  • Dental treatment of children under full hypnosis.

  • Treatment of dental disorders resulting from growth.

  • Maintain distance after tooth extraction at an early stage.

  • Performing minor surgeries such as: extraction, removal of extra teeth, and treatment of gum disease.

Dental fillings: In this section, doctors treat decayed teeth by removing cavities and closing cavities and cavities by placing various types of fillings.

Types of fillings that we offer in Laurent Clinics:

  • Cosmetic “light” fillings

  • metal fillings

  • Fisher-sealant fillings that fill cracks in the enamel layer.

Teeth whitening: The teeth can be exposed to yellowing or discoloration due to smoking or some types of food and drinks (such as: coffee and tea) and may be due to the thinning of the enamel layer of the teeth with age.

Types of whitening offered by Laurent Clinics:

  • Professional whitening (which takes place inside the clinic): through the use of the latest devices such as the zoom and flash.

  • Home bleaching: The bleaching material is placed in special dental molds, which are made in specialized laboratories based on the impression of the teeth that the doctor took for the references, to ensure that the bleaching material is distributed correctly.

Gum disease treatment: The Department of Periodontics includes the prevention and treatment of gum disease, in addition to providing periodontal cosmetic surgeries, planning and dental implants that replace missing teeth.

Treatments provided by the department in Loran Clinics:

  1. Treating gum disease

  2. Treating receding gums

  3. Treatment of periodontal cysts

  4. gum supply

  5. Dental implants using international types and excellent quality

  6. Bone grafting

  7. gum implants

Dermadent Clinics

Dr. Ahmed Al-Zoman complex, also known as Derma Dent, is a specialized complex that includes the Department of Dental, Dermatology, Laser and Plastic Surgery that mainly focuses on cosmetic procedures. We have a distinguished group of expert doctors. The Derma Dent complex is equipped with the latest equipment to provide services of international standards.

The Dermatology Department at Dermadent Clinics offers solutions for all skin diseases, both simple and chronic. And integrated medical consultations to suit the requirements of the auditors, including non-surgical cosmetic procedures, cosmetic injection methods, laser treatments, and the provision of modern medical techniques that help diagnose skin problems with the availability of all types of medical analyzes necessary for a proper diagnosis.

The Department of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery at Dermadent Clinics is one of the medical departments that cover all the delicate specialties of different age groups from children, adults and the elderly, and it is equipped in a manner that matches international quality standards and specialized quality infection control systems. Cleanliness and sterilization.

The dental departments provide quality specialized care in the surgical units for children’s teeth, where all the required treatments for the child’s teeth are performed and he leaves the same day without feeling pain or fear, in addition to providing a special service and controlling the unwanted oral habits of children.

Our dental departments also follow advanced systems in anesthesia, and the department aims to achieve an attractive and healthy smile for the patient. The department is distinguished by providing modern techniques while securing all the means and comforts provided to the patient and working to achieve the desired goal due to the development witnessed by dentistry and the need to control diseases Dental treatment and treatment. We provide the finest techniques used in oral, dental and maxillofacial treatments, which are carried out by a group of experienced and qualified consultants and specialists who provide the highest level of services and build trust with the patient.

Dermadent clinics strive to keep pace with global developments in providing modern technologies for the types of lasers used to treat problems, improve wrinkles and lines, and unify skin color such as freckles, melasma, and rejuvenate the surface of the skin.

Smile World Dental Center

Smile World Dental Center is one of the largest medical centers specializing in the treatment, beauty and orthodontics and is one of the leading entities in dentistry It is also one of the largest orthodontic and orthodontic clinics in Saudi Arabia.

Smile World Center is one of the most prominent medical centers concerned with dermatology and dentistry.

It was established in 2001 and had 4 clinics, and in 2010 it had 24 clinics in different specialties. Smile World Center provides a distinguished service in the field of dentistry, dermatology, cosmetic and laser treatment.

The center also includes a distinguished elite of doctors and consultants in various fields.

The center is equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies that qualify it to provide the highest level of medical services.

Ebtsamatac dental, dermatology center

Ebtsamatac center is considered one of the most important specialized centers in the region due to its specialized and integrated services in the field of oral health, dentistry and dermatology. It was established since 1997 until today to provide medical services with international standards in every specialty of oral medicine, dentistry, dermatology, laser and cosmetology.

The center includes specialized departments equipped with the latest medical technologies and highly experienced technical staff.

Ebtsamatac dental, dermatology and laser center is a medical center specialized in the treatment of oral, gum, dental, dermatological and laser diseases.

Oral and jaw surgery: This specialty is one of the important specialties in dentistry and orthodontics, and your smile center has been keen to provide all the necessary tools and devices to support this specialty until we have a clinic specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Treatment of gum disease: Ebtsamatac center is distinguished by the presence of a specialized department in gum diseases and infections, which is one of the important specialties in dentistry, and everyone knows that the beauty of the gums is associated with the beauty of the teeth, so there is no beauty in the teeth without healthy gums.

Dental implants and installation: Ebtsamatac Center has provided a distinguished service in dental implants under the supervision of a specialized and highly experienced medical staff in the field of dental implants. Our center also provides a guarantee on the accuracy and safety of implants for many years.

Orthodontics: Ebtsamatac center is distinguished by the presence of a specialized department in orthodontics of all kinds and forms (regular, colored, transparent and Invisalign). This section is supervised by a group of orthodontic specialists who hold specializations and higher certificates.

Aesthetic dentistry: To get whiter teeth with simple and effective steps…

Who among us does not realize the importance of getting a bright and confident smile, and having it in one treatment session at Ebtsamatac dental center.

Dental implants: Pediatric dentistry is concerned with the temporary teeth of children, their prevention and treatment, and deals with children from birth to adolescence.

Dermatology Department: Dermatology consultants diagnose and treat all skin conditions such as eczema, skin pigmentation, acne and its effects (scars), vitiligo, psoriasis, and everything related to hair diseases, such as alopecia, hair loss and nail-related diseases, in addition to diagnosing and removing tumors of all kinds, and diagnosing varicose veins and capillaries. hemorrhagic disease and its treatment.

Liposuction and body coordination, in addition to restoring the vitality and freshness of the skin by removing superficial and deep wrinkles, giving creams and medicines to prevent skin wrinkling and activating cells, in addition to doing soft and light peeling and cleaning the skin in different ways that suit every skin type.

Natural hair transplantation is one of the operations that are carried out on a daily basis in different parts of the world, and it is considered very safe and has no complications if the diagnosis is made correctly and performed by an integrated and equipped medical team.

  • To view the address and phone numbers of Ebtsamatac dental, dermatology center on Medical Saudi Guide.

Le Sourire Medical Center

At Le Sourire Medical Center, we are keen to provide the latest techniques and medical equipment in Dentistry, Dermatology as well as Aesthetic Medicine according to the best standards. Our goal is to provide quality with the best specialized medical competencies to gain the finest levels of the international medical service in an integrated healthy atmosphere away from tension and anxiety.

Le Sourire Medical Center, is considered as one of the most prestigious centers in Saudi Arabia in terms of reliability and quality in services and certified by the CCHI.

We are one of the most advanced dental & dermatology centers in providing advanced and affordable services.

Our hygiene protocol is amongst the highest in Riyadh.

Our team is highly qualified and capable of using the latest technologies and various treatment options available to the patients.

We are committed to serving and providing our patients information that assists them make appropriate decisions regarding their oral health and dermatological needs.

We provide our patients with a high quality of care in an integrated, reliable, and comfortable environment.

DENTAL RESTORATIVE CLINIC: Finest kinds of different fillings are used to reform the damaged tooth.
We reconstitute the smile to suit the length of the teeth according to facial features and lips curve without any saliences.

ORTHODONTIC CLINIC: Misalignment and crowding problems and parallelism are being treated to improve the overall appearance, the chewing process and to achieve the normal shape of the teeth.

DENTAL BLEACHING CLINIC: We provide you with the best materials that can be used in teeth bleaching also the dentist provides the patient with bleaching molds especially made for him/her.

PROSTHODONTICS CLINIC: Prosthodontists are to restore esthetics, function and comfort with artificial substitutes. These artificial materials constitute a wide variety of restorations including fillings, dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges and oral implants.

IMPLANTOLOGY CLINIC: One of the latest methods of Prosthodontics distinction because of its ability to use a strong basis whether under a permanent or temporary fixture.The idea is based on instilling a titanium cylinder inside the jaw bones to assess the tooth root.

ENDODONTIC CLINIC: The art of endodontics treatment is to fill and seal the canal of the root from bacterial leakage with the highest standard care of cleaning and disinfecting.

Dental Hygiene CLINIC: We create preventive programs for oral and dental diseases as well as oral health have been developed. These programs deal with the way you can keep your mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially dental caries and periodontal infections in the future.

PEDODONTIC CLINIC: We look after the health of our children’s teeth through treating all dental problems suffered by a child. We also advise their parents to maintain fluor, Preventive fillings from caries. Getting rid of the finger sucking. Space maintainer after extraction to avoid crowding in the future. The clinic is characterized by using the latest technology , and to make the treating time more interesting.

MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY CLINIC: We have a team of expert consultants to treat simple and complicated problems such as: extracting teeth embedded under the bones. Treating infections caused by dental problems such as the face swelling as a result of abscess pus. Aesthetic correction jaws operation. bones augmentation.

BOTOX AND FILLER: Our center provides the latest beauty techniques that provide the skin an attractive and impressive look. Botox injections are used to treat hyperhidrosis and to get rid of wrinkles mainly. Filler injections are used for volume.

DERMATOLOGY CLINICS: Mesotherapy: to inject vitamins, amino acids under the skin without pain. It is used to treat the following cases:

-Treating pigmentation and lightning.

-Getting rid of aging signs.

-Treating dark circles around the eye.

-Skin Freshness and renewing face and neck cells.

-Strengthening and repairing hair follicles.

-Breaking up fats and body shaping.

SKIN CARE CLINIC: We provide excellent services for caring for the skin.
FDA approved cosmetic products have been chosen to fulfill healthy and radiant skin at the center. -Cell renewal and stimulating collagen.

-Cleaning skin. -Treating pigmentation and the sensitivity of the skin.

-Unification of skin color.

PRP: This procedure focuses on taking small amount of blood and centrifuge it to separate different component of blood to extract the platelet and re-inject it to the face or the hair platelet is the cell in the blood that helps tissue to heal and grow new cells, it promotes the body collagen to grow and regenerate. PRP procedure softens the wrinkles and improves the health of the hair.

Endodontics Clinic: The art of endodontics is the filling and sealing of the root canal from bacterial infiltration with the highest level of cleaning and disinfection care.

Dental Health Clinic: Preventive programs for oral diseases and dental as well as oral health are established and developed.

These programs deal with how you can keep your mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially tooth decay and gum infections in the future.

Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic: A team of expert consultants to treat simple and complex problems such as: Tooth extraction under the bone. Treatment of infections resulting from dental problems such as swelling of the face as a result of pus and aesthetic corrective jaw surgery.

Opal Clinics

Opal Clinics Complex is one of the most prominent medical complexes that includes many different medical specialties. The clinics provide an outstanding service in the field of dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, cosmetic treatment, laser treatment and pediatrics. The clinics include a selection of doctors specializing in various fields. The clinics are also equipped with the latest technologies and devices that ensure that the patient receives the best quality service.

Opal Clinics aim to provide the highest level of medical and cosmetic care in the field of teeth, skin, laser and skin. Opal clinics for dental and skin care are among the finest clinics that offer their services in the Kingdom in addition to being equipped with the latest modern medical devices and equipment that deals.

Department of Dermatology: Opal Clinics offers a comprehensive range of Integrated medical products and services, combining , Between advanced skin care and body health and among the minimum number of therapeutic services Cosmetic and conservative.

Dental Section: Providing high-level specialized medical services in the field of dentistry and dermatology, Laser and cosmetic so that we are the first preferred medical center in the Kingdom for those who need this type of services.

At Opal, we specialize in diseases Our dermatologists are dedicated to providing the best Possible care for you and your skin. We are pleased that We help people look and feel beautiful About themselves.

Opal Clinics offers the latest in technology and treatments in a relaxed environment where patient privacy and comfort is a priority. Our qualified Dermatologist and Aesthetic Specialist has extended experience and outstanding skills in delivering world class, up-to-date Aesthetic treatment.The following services are offered: *Cosmetic Dentistry *Implant Dentistry *Prosthetic Dentistry *Beauty Treatment Dental Center A stunning smile can enhance your looks and confidence. Helping you make the most of your life both socially and in your career. 

Achieving an stunning smile is easier than you might think. At Opal Clinics, our expertise can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Choosing from a comprehensive range of treatments, including invisible braces and implants, we can give you the individual treatment you need for lasting results that will enable you to smile with confidence. 

At OPAL CLINICS we strive to bring new concepts and approaches to your dental health combining the most advanced technology in the hands of the best professionals with the luxury and exclusivity of exquisite space. The mouth is part of the body that science allows us to keep in excellent condition throughout our life. At Opal Clinics we make this possible. 

Derma Center OPAL CLINICS is Premier Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Clinic for both men and women. With state-of-the-art technology, a luxury Medical Spa and a full range of beauty services, we have created a true world-class clinic in the heart of Riyadh. 

At OPAL CLINICS. We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

We understand that your needs are unique, and that’s why our team of professional therapists will identify your individual needs and deliver personalized treatments that ensure you get the best results each time. 

mission is to develop long-term relationships with our patients and to ensure distinguished service through personalized, honest, ethical and informed care. We aim to help our community achieve excellent oral healthcare through high quality, multidisciplinary and cost efficient dental services and procedures.

Maleen Consulting Center

Maleen Consulting Center was founded in 2006 to provide high quality dental care in all fields of dentistry including Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and Dermatology. We provide the most advanced dental services with our team of Saudi consultants and highly skilled specialists.

The clinic is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies to give you the best care and the latest sterilisation systems to ensure your safety.

The center is distinguished by providing medical and cosmetic services with outstanding quality due to the availability of the latest equipment and continuous development in addition to the continuous polarization of distinguished cadres.

Maleen Consulting Center is a medical complex that provides dental services such as (extraction, surgery, hygiene, nerve fillings, beautification, fixtures, Hollywood smile, orthodontics) and dermatology and laser services (beard shaping for men, cosmetic services, Botox, fillers, facial cleaning, eyebrow bleaching). ) and other cosmetic services.

Maleen Consulting Center works to provide the highest standards of efficiency in the level of medical care and cosmetics.

The Malin Consulting Center was distinguished in providing the best services and includes many departments that are distinguished by providing the best medical services, which include plastic surgery, skin and plastic surgery, hair transplantation, laser treatment, laser hair removal, nutrition, obesity and thinness treatment, in addition to dental and cosmetic dentistry clinics.

Maleen Consulting Center considers beauty its main mission. This is why it provides you with the latest dental and skin cosmetic devices in its dental and skin clinic, which is staffed by a group of the most skilled doctors trained on the latest technologies to give women a wonderful smile and fresh and more youthful skin.

Bright Dent Clinics

Bright Dent Clinics aims to raise the level of quality of dental services in the region and is keen to provide a distinguished service through medical cadres at a high level of professionalism and experience in all dental specialties.

The center includes a special sterilization department that has been furnished with the latest German sterilization devices that use advanced technology to ensure the quality of sterilization, and special reagents are used to ensure the complete completion of the sterilization process.

It also uses advanced European systems in dental implants that give a success rate of more than 96%.

The Hollywood smile at Bright Dent clinics is distinguished by the use of Swiss e-max material to make veneers and luminaires.

It also uses the latest methods in teeth whitening and beautification in proportion to the needs of each person, based on careful studies that guarantee the best medical and cosmetic results.

Bright Dent clinics support advanced medical equipment by providing high-resolution and high-resolution digital x-rays, which provide more safety by reducing exposure to radiation by 90%.

The center includes a clinic specialized in oral and dental care that provides dental cleaning and oral health care services, in addition to raising awareness and education on proper oral and dental care, based on these services by oral and dental health professionals.

Hollywood Smile The smile is designed based on sizes to suit each case, ensuring an attractive smile and natural-looking teeth. The German E-max materials are also used with their high quality materials, which are based on specialized technicians who are qualified with specialized certificates in cosmetic dentistry.

Dealing with children in the dental clinic requires specialization and experience to ensure an enjoyable experience for the child in the dental clinic and to avoid the negative reaction that may continue with him for life. Therefore, the center includes advisory cadres in the specialty of pediatric dentistry who work in a pleasant and appropriate environment for the child to ensure a good experience in the dental clinic.

Bright Dent clinics also provide dental repair services to arrange and improve their appearance under the hands of a group of specialized staff.

The center offers all types of orthodontics (transparent, hidden, and Invisalign), which are based on specialized consultants with high experience to ensure good results and avoid all side effects that many orthodontists overlook.

Bright Dent clinics services include providing the latest methods in teeth whitening and beautification in accordance with the needs of each person, based on careful studies that guarantee the best medical and cosmetic results.

Bright Dent clinics pay special attention to dental implants, using advanced European systems that are considered the best in the world, based on Saudi consultants with great qualifications and experience, and our dental implants are characterized by a high success rate of more than 96% based on studies and scientific research of the systems used.

Dental roots and nerves are treated in one session with advanced techniques using the Zumax microscope device, which guarantees high accuracy in treatment and guaranteed results. Bright Dent is one of the few centers in the Middle East that uses these advanced technologies.

Treating gum disease is no less important than dental treatment, especially in the advanced stages of life, or those who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and patients with kidney failure.

The center pays great attention to the treatment of periodontal diseases through highly experienced periodontal consultants.

The center deals with all cases of oral surgery through specialized consultants who have specialization and fellowship campaigns in oral and maxillofacial surgery to ensure the reduction of complications associated with surgical treatment and to deal with all cases associated with a history of disease or chronic diseases in proportion to each case.

Happy Smile Center

Happy Smile Center for Dentistry, Dermatology, and Cosmetics seeks excellence in providing its services to meet your aspirations of having young and healthy skin and a happy and bright smile that you definitely deserve. The center brings together a group of specialized medical cadres with a high level of qualification and experience. The center is also equipped with the latest dental, dermatological and cosmetic technology in terms of devices and equipment.

Cosmetic and dermatological clinics: they provide you with cosmetic services and skin treatments by the hands of specialized beauticians, including filler injections, plasma treatment (prp), hair loss treatment, treatment of common skin diseases, treatment of skin cracks after pregnancy, treatment of excessive sweating, treatment of dark circles around Eye, fractional laser treatment, mesotherapy injections, skin aging treatment and other cosmetic services.

The dermatology clinic diagnoses and treats skin diseases under the supervision of medical advisors and with the latest equipment. The clinic also offers many services related to dermatology and cosmetics, such as injections and fillers, collagen injections, plasma injections, and mesotherapy, which includes hair mesotherapy, skin mesotherapy, body mesotherapy and fractional laser.

There are many techniques and devices for laser hair removal at the present time, and the client may sometimes not know how to choose the right type of laser for him, as there are different skin colors, thickness and hair quality, and Happy Smile Center is keen to provide all the latest and safest technologies, to ensure obtaining The best result in the fewest number of sessions possible.

Happy Smile Center provides private skin care clinics with all their services, including skin cleaning, in addition to all kinds of chemical peeling, diamond peeling, carbon peeling, hydrafacial, dermaroller and dermapen sessions.

The center also provides hair care services and sessions on the Hairline device, which is an integrated hair care station, in addition to the Dermarolle sessions. Our modern devices help stimulate hair to grow, reduce hair loss, and strengthen hair follicles with three laser beams.

Specialized dental clinics: Provide you, at the hands of specialized doctors, with all dental treatment and beautification services, including building damaged teeth and restoring them to the shape of natural teeth with nano-ceramic porcelain fillings, cosmetic fixtures on the front and back teeth, polishing and polishing teeth to remove external roughness from the surfaces of the teeth and give them luster and attractiveness Removing internal and non-deep teeth pigmentation in one session, Porcelain fillings with nano-ceramic technology for all teeth with a guarantee that they will not fall out, high-quality teeth whitening in the clinic and at home molds, in addition to laser.

In the Happy Smile Center, local and international licensed products are used, and for this you will find a wide choice of cosmetic products: Juvederm - Novia - Restylane - Radius - Bolitoro - Perfecta

Happy Smile Center has imported the latest internationally and locally authorized dermatology and beauty equipment.

Happy Smile Center brings together a group of medical professionals specialized in dentistry and dermatology, who enjoy a high level of qualification and experience.

White teeth mean a beautiful and charming smile and express awareness, care, hygiene and health. To ensure comfort, speed and quality, the Beyond Polus laser device is used, which is the best in the world in the field of teeth whitening, an American industry and the only one with ISO 9001 - FDA - C certificates and Class 1 classification for medical devices, and the device has been awarded a mark 5 Stars from America's Top Dental Advisory Board Equipped with an optical lens coated with more than 12,000 light-filtering optical fibers to ensure safety and comfort, it whitens up to 14 shades.

Cosmetic crowns and bridges: They are fixed fixtures in the mouth that are installed on the teeth and cover the place of loss or cover large fillings to protect the teeth from fracture and the patient cannot remove them by himself from his mouth and have many types depending on the situation and the patient’s cosmetic requirements.

View Clinic

View Clinic, in its two departments (Dental and Dermatology), provides its valued clients with all the medical and cosmetic services that they may need in these two areas through a selection of highly experienced specialists.

And for the commitment of View Clinic to the best international standards of health and esthetics, care was taken to bring the latest devices and the most accurate technologies in the worlds of dentistry and dermatology.

View Clinic aims to lead in the world of dentistry and cosmetics in terms of care and quality of services, to be the first clinics in this field in Saudi Arabia and even in the Middle East.

Dental clinics are equipped with all modern devices and tools to make it easier for the medical staff to provide the best services and results in accurate and appropriate ways.

The team of View Clinic doctors includes all the specialties and scientific and practical expertise necessary to satisfy patients with their various problems.

View Clinic follows the best Swiss and German implant systems.

Aesthetic solutions: View Clinic is always keen on choosing the most dental cosmetic treatment, in order to ensure the longest possible life for your smile, so it chooses the cosmetic treatment that is least harmful to the teeth as possible.

Digital smile design: View Clinic offers you the opportunity to see the teeth before and after the expected treatment, using the latest technologies that provide an opportunity to see an approximate view of the smile after treatment and adjust the shape, length and width of the teeth within the recommended health limits.

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the best cosmetic solutions that provide a noticeable difference and give a whiter smile.

View Clinic has a private clinic for teeth whitening using the Zoom device. It also offers home teeth whitening, or teeth whitening that has changed color due to previous injuries, under the supervision of experts in teeth whitening.

Dental Prosthodontics Department: It contains all types of fixed prosthodontics, including crowns and bridges, and removable prosthodontics from full or partial dentures.

Full porcelain and zirconium fittings: When the teeth need additional protection, and the best option is full porcelain or zirconia fittings, these fittings are made in the most skilled dental laboratory in the region, and digitally designed via CAD-CAM devices that allow the doctor to start and finish the treatment on the computer .

Teeth whitening department: Immediate teeth whitening is carried out with the latest and best materials and devices in the world.

View Clinic uses a safe and effective teeth whitening system, the American (Zoom) system from Philips, and the private whitening clinic is fully equipped.

It also provides the choice of home bleaching with the best safe materials.

Sterilization Department: A complete department equipped with the latest devices and tools to sterilize tools according to the highest American and international standards and according to the conditions of the Saudi Ministry of Health.

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