Le Sourire Medical Center

Le Sourire Medical Center

Le Sourire Medical Center

Le Sourire Medical Center

E-mail : info@lesourire-clinic.com

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7007 Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Street, Al-Wurud, Riyadh 12251, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al Worood Dist Al Riyadh

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P.O.Box : 12251

At Le Sourire Medical Center, we are keen to provide the latest techniques and medical equipment in Dentistry, Dermatology as well as Aesthetic Medicine according to the best standards. Our goal is to provide quality with the best specialized medical competencies to gain the finest levels of the international medical service in an integrated healthy atmosphere away from tension and anxiety.

Le Sourire Medical Center, is considered as one of the most prestigious centers in Saudi Arabia in terms of reliability and quality in services and certified by the CCHI.

We are one of the most advanced dental & dermatology centers in providing advanced and affordable services.

Our hygiene protocol is amongst the highest in Riyadh.

Our team is highly qualified and capable of using the latest technologies and various treatment options available to the patients.

We are committed to serving and providing our patients information that assists them make appropriate decisions regarding their oral health and dermatological needs.

We provide our patients with a high quality of care in an integrated, reliable, and comfortable environment.

DENTAL RESTORATIVE CLINIC: Finest kinds of different fillings are used to reform the damaged tooth. We reconstitute the smile to suit the length of the teeth according to facial features and lips curve without any saliences.

ORTHODONTIC CLINIC: Misalignment and crowding problems and parallelism are being treated to improve the overall appearance, the chewing process and to achieve the normal shape of the teeth.

DENTAL BLEACHING CLINIC: We provide you with the best materials that can be used in teeth bleaching also the dentist provides the patient with bleaching molds especially made for him/her.

PROSTHODONTICS CLINIC: Prosthodontists are to restore esthetics, function and comfort with artificial substitutes. These artificial materials constitute a wide variety of restorations including fillings, dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges and oral implants.

IMPLANTOLOGY CLINIC: One of the latest methods of Prosthodontics distinction because of its ability to use a strong basis whether under a permanent or temporary fixture.The idea is based on instilling a titanium cylinder inside the jaw bones to assess the tooth root.

ENDODONTIC CLINIC: The art of endodontics treatment is to fill and seal the canal of the root from bacterial leakage with the highest standard care of cleaning and disinfecting.

Dental Hygiene CLINIC: We create preventive programs for oral and dental diseases as well as oral health have been developed. These programs deal with the way you can keep your mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially dental caries and periodontal infections in the future.

PEDODONTIC CLINIC: We look after the health of our children’s teeth through treating all dental problems suffered by a child. We also advise their parents to maintain fluor, Preventive fillings from caries. Getting rid of the finger sucking. Space maintainer after extraction to avoid crowding in the future. The clinic is characterized by using the latest technology , and to make the treating time more interesting.

MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY CLINIC: We have a team of expert consultants to treat simple and complicated problems such as: extracting teeth embedded under the bones. Treating infections caused by dental problems such as the face swelling as a result of abscess pus. Aesthetic correction jaws operation. bones augmentation.

BOTOX AND FILLER: Our center provides the latest beauty techniques that provide the skin an attractive and impressive look. Botox injections are used to treat hyperhidrosis and to get rid of wrinkles mainly. Filler injections are used for volume.

DERMATOLOGY CLINICS: Mesotherapy: to inject vitamins, amino acids under the skin without pain. It is used to treat the following cases:
-Treating pigmentation and lightning.
-Getting rid of aging signs.
-Treating dark circles around the eye.
-Skin Freshness and renewing face and neck cells.
-Strengthening and repairing hair follicles.
-Breaking up fats and body shaping.

SKIN CARE CLINIC: We provide excellent services for caring for the skin.
FDA approved cosmetic products have been chosen to fulfill healthy and radiant skin at the center. -Cell renewal and stimulating collagen.
-Cleaning skin. -Treating pigmentation and the sensitivity of the skin.
-Unification of skin color.

PRP: This procedure focuses on taking small amount of blood and centrifuge it to separate different component of blood to extract the platelet and re-inject it to the face or the hair platelet is the cell in the blood that helps tissue to heal and grow new cells, it promotes the body collagen to grow and regenerate. PRP procedure softens the wrinkles and improves the health of the hair.

Endodontics Clinic: The art of endodontics is the filling and sealing of the root canal from bacterial infiltration with the highest level of cleaning and disinfection care.

Dental Health Clinic: Preventive programs for oral diseases and dental as well as oral health are established and developed.
These programs deal with how you can keep your mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially tooth decay and gum infections in the future.

Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic: A team of expert consultants to treat simple and complex problems such as: Tooth extraction under the bone. Treatment of infections resulting from dental problems such as swelling of the face as a result of pus and aesthetic corrective jaw surgery.

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