Psychiatry has gained great importance in recent years, and has become an important place in the lives of individuals and society as a whole. There is also a great awareness among individuals to understand the concept of psychiatry, and how to treat psychological problems experienced by a large number of people who are exposed to psychological disorders as a result of the pressures of daily life or As a result of having psychological contracts linked to them in childhood or adolescence, or as a result of wrong education and upbringing.

Therefore, many clinics and hospitals have been opened for rehabilitation and psychological treatment within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through this article, we offer you the best psychiatric centers in Riyadh in order to overcome many acute psychological problems facing a number of people, and enjoy good mental health free from any complications or Severe psychological pain and it is recommended to visit a psychiatrist immediately to overcome all psychological crises.

Basma Takaful Medical Clinics

Basma Takaful Medical Clinics is considered one of the best psychological treatment centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh.

It is one of the largest centers that provide psychological care to psychiatric patients. It treats depression of all kinds. Psychotherapy is not limited to men but also to women.

It also includes specialized clinics to treat children's psychological problems, as well as special sections for women to treat cases of anxiety and psychological stress related to work and all family problems.

It also works to provide them with assistance by treating all family problems that women experience from pressures and others, as it relies on accurate and modern scientific methods that qualify it to treat all family members.

The center includes a group of the largest psychiatrists specializing in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and cases of severe mental depression.

Basma Takaful Medical Clinics treat all psychological problems and stresses related to family problems and workloads.

Basma Takaful Medical Clinics rely on using the best advanced and modern methods in treating many difficult psychological problems.

Basma Takaful Medical Clinics is also the first psychiatric center in Riyadh specialized for children and women under the supervision of Dr. Iman Al-Harbi, who specializes in psychiatry.

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Medicare Clinics

Medicare clinics are one of the first and leading specialized psychiatric clinics in the Kingdom. Medicare clinics were established in 1998 and receive all cases of mental disorders, behavioral problems and cases of addiction.

Medicare clinics are one of the largest providers of psychiatric medical care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Arab world.

Clinics are interested in diagnosing and treating psychological, social, behavioral and family diseases for all ages, bearing in mind that the mental patient needs different care from the physical patient, so Medicare clinics seek to help the individual to improve and raise the quality of his life to live a normal life free from diseases and mental disorders and he must invest his energies to the maximum and train him On personal and social skills to achieve psychological integration.

Medicare clinics have a selection of the best consultants and psychologists and social workers in the Kingdom, where everyone works with care, attention and boundless passion.

The number of Medicare clinic visitors reached 96000, their cases vary according to the services provided by the clinics, with an increase from 400 to 600 new cases per month.

Medicare clinics provide home visits service for those whose circumstances do not allow them to come to the clinics because they are outside Riyadh or it is impossible for them to appear outside the home due to stressful mental illness such as: yard phobia or social shyness

Medicare clinics services for children aim to create a conscious generation of children and qualify children to deal with society by discovering their abilities and capabilities and investing them properly.

Medicare clinics contain the EEG device, which is the latest in technology, as the device tests the EEG in the long term, and the device has a high-resolution camera equipped with a night imaging feature, and the device is produced by the German company Sigma specialized in the production of EEG devices.

Because there are many auditors from outside Riyadh, or their times do not allow them to attend clinics, so the phone sessions section was used to take place with qualified doctors and psychologists to receive calls from auditors, while ensuring complete confidentiality of personal information.

Medicare clinics contain magnetic stimulation therapy through the TMA device, a device that treats depression by magnetic stimulation without drug or surgical treatments, without affecting brain functions and without anesthesia.

The device is free of side effects that the patient suffers from from medications, and it is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and Saudi Arabia for the treatment of depression.

Thati Center for Family and Psychological Counseling

Thati Center for family and psychological counseling Consulting and training solutions in the family, psychological and social fields in a professional manner for the concerned individuals and institutions.

Thati Center that seeks to get the breasts out of life's troubles, and to be the first women's center that you find in it The family is what it is looking for to reach the stage of psychological equilibrium and to be able to face the challenges of the times.

It provides family and psychological counseling services, in person and by phone, and training programs by distinguished cadres.

Thati Center for family and psychological counseling that assists the beneficiary of the counseling service to care for, develop and advance the self.

Thati Center for Family and Psychological Counseling offers programs in the psychological, family, marital and self-development fields.

It also provides specialized programs for the development of the child that raise his self-confidence and help improve his performance in various fields.

It also deals with clients' needs and the information they provide confidentially.

In performing his work, he depends on scientific methods to achieve the required quality.

It also provides its clients with all they need in terms of expertise and information with clarity and accuracy.

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Mutamina Medical Center

Motamina Medical Center for Psychological Consultations is the largest psychiatric center in the Gulf and the Arab world. It also includes a group of specialists and trainers, and is supervised by Professor Tariq Al-Habib, a professor and consultant psychiatrist.

The Medical Center of Excellence tops the list of the best leading psychiatric centers in Riyadh. He is famous for his great role in treating the difficult psychological problems that the individual suffers from as a result of exposure to severe nervous pressure and repeated daily burdens.

This prestigious center contributes to the treatment of all types of depression, anxiety and nervous tension.

It also provides therapeutic and psychological counseling to treat cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder, fear, social shyness, autism, and the terrifying problems of schizophrenia.

Mawaddah and Rahma Consulting Center

Mawaddah and Rahma Consulting Center provides non-pharmacological psychological treatment based on scientific theories that explain human behavior for families, spouses and individuals of all age groups.

Mawaddah and Rahma Consulting Center has a group of specialists in several fields with high education and long experience, and we provide our services in a highly professional framework.

Mawaddah and Rahma Consultation Center evaluates, diagnoses and treats the following cases:

Marital and family problems, sexual disorders, eating disorders, difficulties adapting to life, depression, anxiety, social phobia, fear, tension, irritability, obsessive-compulsive disorder, irritable bowel, sleep disorders, problems of children and adolescents, psychological measures, performance measures and improvement follow-up.

Treatment methods used in Mawaddah and Rahma Consulting Center: marital and family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, art therapy, group therapy.

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Marafie Center for Family and Psychological Counseling

Marafie Center for Family and Psychological Counseling is a center for family counseling and non-pharmacological psychological treatment that provides family and social counseling.

Marafie Center for Family and Psychological Counseling is distinguished by its different style from other family counseling centers and enjoys complete credibility and privacy with clients. It also provides the necessary support at any time and place. Moreover, its counselors enjoy a high moral and professional responsibility.

It aspires to be the best medical advisory center in the Arab countries in providing psychological and counseling services to individuals, families and society by 2021 to create a better life.

It assists individuals and society by providing family, treatment and training services of high quality in the psychological and social fields and preparing them to overcome difficulties and obstacles to make their lives more flexible

It seeks to achieve the best psychological and family services, diagnostic and therapeutic excellence for our clients.

He follows up on treatment or rehabilitation plans for clients to ensure continued improvement, efficiency, development of skills and abilities, enhancing client self-confidence and improving his psychological abilities through treatment and intensive training courses that move him to better performance levels and increase his social awareness.

It aims to develop a positive outlook on life, improve family and social relationships among clients, and be a source of reliable information in the family, psychological and social fields.

It seeks to research and provide everything that is new and useful in the areas of diagnosis, family, psychological and social treatment, and the advancement of the field of psychological and counseling therapy.

Provides assessment and diagnostic services to assess psychological and behavioral conditions, marital and family relationships, and children's behavior

It provides therapeutic services without drugs, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy for adults and children and family therapy for cases arising from life stresses

Performs psychological state tests to determine degrees of depression, anxiety, phobias, and obsessions and to monitor improvement.

It provides treatment services without drugs as follows:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adults for anxiety, fear, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mood disorders, and more.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for children of fear, attachment, avoidance, stubbornness and violence
  • Analytical or dynamic treatment of personality disorders and others
  • Interpersonal therapy to improve social relationships
  • Marital therapy for cases of marital problems and poor compatibility and adjustment
  • Family therapy for problems arising from life stress, changing family size and tasks, and domestic violence

The center is keen to carry out psychological tests to determine the degrees of depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc., and psychological tests to monitor improvement during treatment sessions.

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Edraak Medical Consultation Center

Edraak Center for Medical Consultations is a medical center active in the field of psychological care and effective dialogue.
Provides psychological and social awareness training courses to practice full psychotherapy through the services it provides

Edraak Medical Consultation Center offers a range of services that support community health, and it aspires to excel in helping you to overcome health and psychological problems.

It includes qualified and specialized medical staff to diagnose and treat sleep disorders in children and the elderly.

Adult department for diagnosis and treatment of all forms of mental illness in adults.

Pediatric department to treat children's psychological problems such as autism, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety and behavioral problems.

Department of the elderly for the treatment of psychological problems of the elderly, such as poor memory, dementia, depression and others

Psychometrics, which are psychological state tests such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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