Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dallah Hospital - Namar

E-mail : info@dallah-hospital.com

Address of Dallah Hospital - Namar

Dirab Branch Road, Al Hazm, Namar District - Riyadh 14963, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
NAMAR Al Riyadh

Phone Numbers Dallah Hospital - Namar

Facebook :
Fax : 0112994807
P.O.Box : 14963

At Dallah Hospitals, the needs of patients and their families are our top priority. As a leading hospital in the Kingdom, we aspire to be the preferred destination for healthcare, to satisfy our patients and achieve the best clinical outcomes, relying on the best specialized doctors and the most professional staff.

Over 3 decades of tradition and excellence in providing high quality medical care, and a skilled team of expert medical professionals and nurses care for the thousands of patients treated daily.

The group of modern medical services is constantly working to improve health, all in a safe, standardized and comfortable environment.

The group operates in a patient-centered approach where we: Caring for individuals and their families.

Adhere to properly defined code of conduct.
Provide the appropriate infrastructure for continuous learning and to enhance and develop our skills, programs and services.

Dallah Hospitals Achievements: The first private hospital to provide laparoscopic surgery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1990.

Dallah Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the Kingdom to offer infertility treatment and assisted reproduction through IVF technology.
The reproductive and infertility unit at Dallah Hospital is also one of the first centers in the world to use ICSI technology, electronic stimulation of ejaculation technology since 1998, sperm extraction technology since 1995, and extracorporeal maturation technology since 2000, and Dallah was able to achieve the highest success rates in This area with the actual reproductive scale after treatment with a success rate of approximately 35%.
Dallah Hospital is the first private hospital in the Kingdom to obtain a license to provide medical treatment using radioactive materials.
Dallah Hospital is the first private hospital in the Kingdom to obtain a license to provide medical treatment using radioactive materials.
The first private hospital in Riyadh to perform heart surgeries since 1995.
Dallah Hospital is the first private hospital in Riyadh to provide catheter laboratory services that allow treatment of heart-related diseases without the need for heart operations since 1995.
The first to introduce to the Kingdom the technique of imaging coronary arteries of the heart by ultrasound through cardiac catheterization since 1997.
The level of patient satisfaction with the services provided by the hospital has reached more than 95%, according to independent market studies prepared in this field.
The hospital was certified by the International Organization for Standardization in 1998.
Obtaining the ISO accreditation for quality management ISO: 9001: 2000 in 1998.
The Assisted Reproduction Unit launches the use of artificial insemination technology in the laboratory in 2000 AD.
The first private Saudi hospital to obtain a license from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology for good and quality handling of radioactive materials used in nuclear therapy in 2003.
The hospital was certified by the Joint Commission International in 2009, 2012 and 2015.
Obtaining the Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award and achieving first place at the level of the Arab health care sector in 2015.
Dallah Al-Nakhil Hospital obtained an accreditation certificate from the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Institutions (CBAHI) in 2017.
The laboratory department in Al-Nakhil received the accreditation of the College of American Pathology CAP - Dallah Namar Hospital obtained an accreditation certificate from the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Institutions (CBAHI) in 2019.

About the palm trees: A limited liability company, established on January 14, 2014. Afia Al-Nakhil provides its services to health care facilities to help health service providers adhere to local and international standards for the level of services provided, and works within the field of managing and operating third-party hospitals outside the areas of Dallah Hospitals presence.

Vision:Leadership in the management of facilities services and support in facilities in the health care sectors across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

the message: We aim to become a market driver in the field of facility management services for the healthcare sectors, and to enter into strategic partnership agreements.

Services: Providing operation and maintenance services.
Monitor health and safety culture on site and check safety records and other documents.
Assist in identifying and assessing risks.
Assist in the development and implementation of occupational health and safety management systems.
Conduct site integrity audits to monitor compliance and legislative requirements.
Preparing health care plans to manage facilities and safety in compliance with local and international requirements and standards.

Nursing Department in Dallah Hospital: The philosophy of the Nursing Department at Dallah Hospital is based on the respect, dignity and value of individuals.
We believe that all patients have the right to receive effective nursing care.
This care is a personalized service that stems from patients' needs, clinical illnesses or their specific circumstances.

The nursing service is part of a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care and encourages collaboration with the multidisciplinary team on a larger scale to include the patient's relatives.

Providing high-quality, patient-centered, evidence-backed healthcare, best practices and professional guidance all add an important value to the nurses at Dallah Hospital.

The Department of Nursing's commitment to providing excellent patient care is highlighted by its participation in continuous quality improvement initiatives, which require regular review of practices and listening to patients' opinions.

24 hour nursing services: Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day in the following departments, facilities or areas:

Critical care nursing provides "direct service" care to patients and families in an "advanced technology" environment.

As essential members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, critical care nurses are experts in assessing patient/family needs and assessing the care provided, and they are proficient in communication and assessment skills as well as technical skills.

Emergency nurses are trained to be able to care for any patient, of any age, with any illness or injury at any time as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Neonatal nursing provides specialized care for premature infants, low birth weight infants or medically weak infants.

Nurses receive advanced training and work closely with obstetricians and parents to ensure that children receive the highest standard of care.

The main focus of the unit is the education of parents, which helps them learn how to care for their child while in the unit as well as prepare them to take care of the child when they go home.

The provision of Maternal and Child Health Nursing is based on the concept that the well-being of the mother and child are interdependent as they adapt to multiple physical and psychological changes in the days immediately following birth.

Nurses are assigned to care for the mother and child with the aim of enhancing the continuity and quality of care.

Nurses who specialize in labor, delivery, and midwifery services provide comprehensive obstetric and neonatal care for women during labor.

Medical surgical nurses actively participate with each member of the healthcare team in order to set and achieve goals for patients.

They help patients and families achieve the highest possible level of quality of life, within the limits imposed by their illness.

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