Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

Almana Hospital in Jubail

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113 Road, Hawilat, Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia
Assassiyah Dist - Jubail

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P.O.Box : 35718

Al Mana Medical Group, Ibrahim Al Mana & Brothers Company is the largest medical company and healthcare service provider in the Eastern Province. Over the past seven decades, the group has grown in size and reputation through outstanding care and the wide range of healthcare services it provides. Based on the group's belief that the health care industry serves the needs of the community, the group worked to provide the latest technology in accordance with international standards.

In light of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Manea’s keenness to provide health care services to Saudi citizens, he inaugurated the first hospital in the Eastern Province in 1949.

It started with modest efforts. The group started with small dental and eye clinics. These clinics have expanded over the decades to become four major modern hospitals in addition to additional medical centers for outpatient clinics, specialized medical centers and medical clinics in the four main cities of the Eastern Province, which are Dammam, Khobar, Jubail and Hofuf.

At present, the group employs more than 7000 highly trained, experienced and professional employees. In addition, Al Mana Group's services extended to include the operation and management of healthcare contracts in other regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The commercial division of Ibrahim Al Mana Brothers Company provides medical equipment and supplies to other national healthcare facilities. In short, Al Mana Group has become a center of excellence among other medical institutions.

Almana Hospitals seeks to meet the region’s needs for health care services by providing comprehensive care for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and by providing advanced procedures and modern technologies in addition to the values ​​of care and attention.

Al Mana Dental and Maxillofacial Center is where you find the utmost care and attention in a highly specialized centre.

The center serves children and the elderly as a special group who need special care.

The center offers them every avenue to make their visit as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

It also provides the patient with a high quality of care and treatment in the most friendly and comfortable environment in addition to that highly experienced consultants, health experts, specialists and dentists are trained to provide the appropriate and most effective treatment.

At Almana Dental and Maxillofacial Center, we offer a full range of services and also provide specialists and consultants to visit you at home to provide treatment for the most complex dental problems. The center is equipped to keep pace with advanced technology, and tools are maintained at the highest level of sterilization.

The Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Al Mana Hospital includes a cadre of the most highly qualified and qualified consultants, specialists and surgeons. The department offers a wide range of services in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

The ENT clinics in the outpatient clinics are spacious and fully equipped with the latest technology. Where it is supervised by experienced consultants and specialists.
The audiology department is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, including VNG, which accurately assesses the patient's hearing and others.
Speech therapy unit: This usually serves to rehabilitate patients who have had ear operations.

Almana Hospital provides inpatients/inpatients, integrated facilities and medical staff to provide the best care during the treatment period.
Facilities include semi-private rooms, private rooms and deluxe suites.

The ENT department has its own operating rooms. These rooms are equipped with the latest science and technology, including advanced microscopes, ENT endoscopy equipment, as well as head and neck surgery tools.

This department is considered the best in the region in surgical laser techniques. We maintain high levels of infection control and patient safety.

The Department of General Surgery provides emergency surgical procedures and interventions and other surgeries, and provides the best health care and services to patients in the region.

The Department of Surgery at Almana Group of Hospitals has a long history of excellence in pioneering surgeries and advanced clinical care for the most complex and normal cases.

Al Mana Dermatology and Cosmetology Unit, which is supervised by a group of specialized doctors and assistant nurses. It is equipped with the latest and most advanced laser equipment.

Respiratory and pulmonary medicine is a branch of internal medicine that specializes in diseases involving the respiratory system.

Al Mana Department of Respiratory Diseases includes a wide range of consultants and specialists in respiratory diseases, general and specialized lung diseases.

The department's experts provide specialized care for general conditions including allergies, asthma, diagnosis of general diseases, diagnosis of lung cancer, bronchial diseases and pulmonary hypertension. As are advanced lung diseases.

The department of gastroenterology is a branch of internal medicine that focuses on the digestive system and diseases that affect the digestive system, which includes the digestive organs connected from the mouth to the anus, along the alimentary canal.

Almana General Hospitals Group paid attention to the health of patients and was keen to provide everything that contributes to providing the best service, care and attention to them. Hence, the group has worked to establish many specialized centers to care for patients and provide them with the finest services. In this context, the Al-Manea Digital Medical Complex in Al-Raka formed a milestone in the region, with its advanced services and extreme care, especially with the presence of a specialized unit for patients with diabetes, endocrinology and fragility orthopedic;

The Department of Internal Medicine provides comprehensive medical care, in outpatient and inpatient / inpatient settings. The department provides advisory services and provides aftercare for patients.

The Cardiovascular Almana Unit provides comprehensive cardiovascular care. Whether it's for routine checkups or surgeries, our consultants, cardiovascular surgeons and the entire care team are committed to providing the highest levels of care for you and your family.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides services to women of all ages who suffer from various gynecological conditions and diseases. The department also serves women of childbearing age, during pregnancy and at birth.

Al Mana Obesity Unit is located in Al Mana Medical Tower, 6th Floor, Al Khobar. With a team of obesity surgery consultants and other therapists.

The Almana Obesity Center provides safe and effective weight loss surgeries to our patients. The center also provides education and advice to the patient before surgery and postoperative care.

The Pediatric Department in Almana Hospitals ensures that your child receives the best care provided by highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants and specialists, and the administrative and medical staff in this department are always ready to answer your questions regarding your child’s health, in order to provide your child with the comfort and support he needs during His stay in the hospital.

The Nuclear Medicine Unit at Almana Hospital - Dammam is a leading center for molecular imaging in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, equipped with the latest imaging systems including the latest CT Biograph devices from Flo Siemens (PetScan - PET-CT scanner combined with CT scan) and another The latest devices from the gamma camera from Symbia Antifospect Scan.

The Department of Nephrology, which is a branch of the internal medicine specialties at Al-Manea Hospital, which is concerned with the study of kidney functions and diseases, and the maintenance and treatment of kidney health, whether through diet, medication or surgery. It also includes a specialized center for dialysis.

Almana Center for Orthopedics and Sports Injuries in Almana Group of Hospitals is distinguished at the international and local level in orthopedic surgery in terms of their creative abilities in solving the most complex orthopedic problems.

Almana Hospitals Group started with small clinics for dental and eye treatment. The Eye Center was the first center in Almana Hospital since its establishment in 1949, to be now the leader in comprehensive medical services in the Eastern Province since then.

The center provides the latest technology in eye treatment and surgery, as well as highly experienced medical and administrative staff.

Almana General Hospitals Group has officially launched its own application via smart devices, as the application contains many services such as searching between more than 400 doctors from more than 35 departments and specializations, booking appointments, as well as obtaining medical reports for each patient and browsing the medical file with ease Also, learn about the latest offers and packages offered by Al Mana Hospitals, get various medical news and advice, and view the content of the digital library at any time.

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